About Us

Frabemar is a company active in the logistics and transport sector with over 20 years of experience. Reliability and transparency are the values ​​through which our services are offered to our customers. The market share of our activities related to maritime transport are concentrate in West Africa, playing also an important role as a representative of many African Shippers’ Councils.

📍 Where we are?

Frabemar is strategically based in Genoa one of the most important Mediterranean Port. The Port of Genoa is the major Italian seaport and one of Europe’s busiest trade hubs.

⚓️ When were we born?

Frabemar was founded in 1995 by Mr. Franco Bernardini, thanks to its long experience of over 40 years in West African Shipping.

🚢 What we did

Mr. Franco Bernardini decided to put to use all his background and expertise by opening Frabemar, which initially operated as a shipping agency of many African national shipping lines. Thereafter, for the purpose of meeting customer demand in the most effective way, Frabemar developed different department strictly linked between them, such as Forwarding Department, Shipping Department, International Trade Department, Technological Department and the representation of different African Shipping Councils.

What do we do now 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Today, Frabemar continues is role of representation of different African Shipping Councils thank to the continue developing of the its Technological Department. The department has been created to meet Institutional customers demand and optimise internal operations. Furthermore, is very active on the development of web applications designed to track and trace cargoes and vessels, enhance paperless operations and collect shipping royalties.

As a result of the continuous technological evolution in the shipping sector, Frabemar developed a blockchain system with the purpose of reducing delays, data manipulation, fraud, human errors, trade documentation and processing cost. The advantages of developing the blockchain system is that it enables to record, register and encrypt documentation transaction in blocks and makes it easily delivered to different actors in the supply chain, while also allowing transactions to be tracked and traced, thus giving transparency.

Our future 🔮

In 2019 the board of directors of Frabemar strategically decided to transfer some company branches by creating two new companies. The goal of this decision is to be more versatile and dynamic in a constantly evolving market.

This two companies are International Shippers Documentation Srl and Frab Transit Srl and started its activities as from 2020.

International Shippers Documentation Srl was created to meet customer demand and assist them on the issuance of the the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note or Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons – ECTN / BESC / BIETC / LC required by many West African countries.

Frab Transit Srl was created to meet and develop various departments strictly linked between them such us Forwarding Department, Shipping Department and International Trade Department. The market share of Frab Transit activities is related in the maritime transport from all over the world to West Africa countries.


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