About Us

Frabemar™ group has been active in the logistics, transport and technological worlds for the past 25 years. Reliability and transparency are the values through which we offer our services to our customers. Our activities, related to maritime transport, are mainly concentrated in West Africa. In this sense, the rapresentation of many African Shippers’ Councils constitutes an important and additional value.


Where we are? 📍

Genoa, being close to the major industrial production centers of northern Italy and central Europe, is strategically an optimal headcentre for operating in this sector. Genoa is one of the most important ports in Italy and Southern Europe, thanks to its 29 terminals it allows the handling of all types of goods.

Our past ⚓️

Frabemar™ was founded in 1995 by Mr. Franco Bernardini which initially operated as a maritime agency for several African Carriers. After several years he decided to develop multiple departments strictly linked to one another, such as the Shipping Department, the Trading Department, the Technology Department and the representation of several African Shippers’ Councils. Thanks to his expertise for over 40 years in the maritime transport in Africa, Mr. Bernardini’s gived a fundamental contribution to the development of Frabemar™’s activities.

Our present 🚢

The development of Technological Department is aimed at satisfying the demand of institutional customers, in order to optimize internal logistics operations. Technological evolution pushed Frabemar™ to develop web applications for tracking shipments and collecting royalties for each of them in order to ease the exchange of digital documents. Frabemar™ has decisively oriented its strategies towards technological innovation.
Frabemar™ has developed an innovative blockchain system, designed to reduce delays, data manipulation, fraud, errors, costs for processing commercial documents.

Rapid delivery of encrypted documents allows for greater transparency in transactions between the various players in the logistics chain. This push towards the future gave Frabemar the ability to apply as a representative and strategic partner of African Shippers Councils for the economic and logistic evolution of the country of reference.
Furthermore, Frabemar work every day to connect your business to international markets offering the best shipping services based on customer needs with flexible and tailor-made solutions.

Our Future 🧭

In 2019 the board of Directors of Frabemar™ transferred some business branches creating two new companies, operating since 2020. The goal is to offer an increasingly customized / tailored, versatile and dynamic service in a constantly evolving market. This led to the creation of the Frabemar Group:

International Shippers Documentation Srl better know as SHIPPERSDOC. ⚓ was created to meet customer demand in the issuance of the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note or Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons – ECTN / BESC / BIETC / LC required in most West African countries.


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