ECTN “Electronic Cargo Tracking Note”

The Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) is a mandatory document for all shipments destined for Burkina Faso.

Each B/L covering goods destined in Burkina Faso must be follow by an ECTN for the correct completion of the formalities at destination.

The ECTN being processed must be completed and submitted for validation within 10 calendar days from the date of communication of the ECTN number to be affixed to the policy.

The ECTN number must appear in BL description, otherwise the ECTN shall be not be finalized. In order to facilitate the formalities at destination it is important to obtain an ECTN validated before the ship arrives at destination.

Documents required for issuing the ECTN:

  • Copy of datated B/L ;
  • Copy of detailed commercial invoice (please check if is freight value is mention as per Incoterms);
  • Copy of freight invoice if the commercial invoice presents EXW or FOB as incoterm;
  • In case of rollings / vehicles shipment please provide: vehicle registration document;
  • Copy of custom declaration;
  • Copy of certificate of origin if it is not indicated on commercial invoice;
  • Copy of packing list if commercial invoice is not detailed;

Additional information:

  • ETS/ETA of vessel with transhipment information if available;
  • Specify if freight is prepaid / collect / service / charter party;
  • Final destination of goods in Burkina Faso;
  • Goods origin;
  • Currency EUR / USD;
  • HS code 6 digit;
  • Gross weight in Mton.

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