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The Bordereau d’Identification Electronique de Traçabilité des Cargaisons (BIETC) is a necessary document for all shipments with destination Gabon.

Each  B/L  covering  cargo  destined  to  Gabon  must  be  accompanied  by  a  BIETC  for  the  correct completion of the formalities at destination.

Registration on the BIETC site

Being the BIETC an electronic document, to obtain it, you must first register, without additional costs, on the website as follows:

  • Access the BIETC website online:
  • On the homepage “Cargos Tracking Electronic System”, click on the bottom “Access Request” section:
    • fill in the form of the application registration in all its parts;
    • electronically transmit the registration application by clicking on “Create”.

It usually takes 48 hours from the registration date to receive the access codes (username and password) on the email address indicated during the registration phase.

Documents required for issuing the BIETC:

  • Copy of bill of lading dated;
  • Copy of commercial invoice;
  • Copy of sea freight invoice, if the commercial invoice is FOB or Ex-Works;
  • Copy of packing list, if the commercial invoice is not enough detailed;
  • Copy of custom declaration, if available.

Additional documents for used vehicles shipments:

  • Copy of purchase invoice of the used vehicle or equivalent document;
  • Copy of the title certificate showing the first registration date;
  • Copy of the last attestation of the technical control:
    • If a Gabonese citizen resident abroad returns to Gabon please provide the Embassy “Certificat d’ Expatriation” or equivalent document.

Restrictions used vehicles

With the entry in force of the D.L. Nr. 002707 / MPITPTHTAT / MEEDD dated 27/09/2013 and consequent in-depth studies of D.L. Nr. 0051/PR/MT dated 12/01/2015 and D.L. Nr. 551/PR/MTL dated 12/02/2015, regarding the restrictions applied on used vehicles importation into the République du Gabon, the last D.L. Nr. 0119/MTL/MEPPDD dated 13/03/2017 define the following:

Cannot being imported in Gabon the used vehicle belonging to the following categories:

  • A / B / D  with date of first registration > 5 years.
  • C / E        with date of first registration > 6 years.

Vehicles categories:

  • A Motorcycles;
  • B Vehicles which weight does not < Kgs. 3.500,00 (for the transport of persons with less than 8 seats);
  • C Vehicles which weight does not > Kgs. 3.500,00 (truck) (exception is made for vehicles belonging to category D);
  • D Vehicles which weight does not > Kgs. 3.500,00 (for the transport of persons with more than 8 seats);
  • E Vehicles belonging to categories B/C/D with trailer which weight does not exceed Kgs. 750,00.

Exception  is  made  for  imported  used  vehicles  over  5  years  only  against  presentation  of specific documentation, as follows:

  • Vintage vehicles;
  • Used vehicles imported for private use by diplomat, administrative and technical (Embassies, Consulates and International Organizations accredited in Gabon);
  • Special-purpose  used   vehicles  (maintenance,   civil  engineering,  agricultural  and  forestry vehicles);
  • Used vehicles imported from religious bodies and / or associations of public utility;
  • Used vehicles imported for private use by Gabonese citizen living abroad in case of return in Gabon (1 vehicle per person);
  • Used vehicles equipped for people with disabilities (1 vehicle per person).

For other that is not above reported, refer to the attached Legislative Decree nr. 0051/PR/MT of 12/02/2015.

BIETC issuance / validation deadlines


The prior agreement validation is to be obtained with a minimum of 1 (one) day prior the date of the vessel departure


The final validation must be compulsorily obtained within:

  • 10 (ten) calendar days as from the date of vessel departure for European shipments;
  • 15  (fifteen)  calendar  days  as  from  the  date  of  vessel  departure  for  American shipments.

After the above deadlines, in respect of your country of shipment, the BIETC becomes TIMED – OUT and the system will no longer allow validations.

Shipments not regularized in time will be subject to penalty at destination.

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