Frabemar Srl is CNCA (Conselho Nacional de Carregadores de Angola) agent for the issuance of the Loading Certificate (LC), document necessary since 28/01/1994 (Decree nr. 19/94) for all maritime shipments from Italy, Croatia, Romania and Malta with destination Angola.

Each B/L covering cargo destined in Angola, must be accompanied by a LC for the correct completion of the formalities at destination. All the required documents in PDF format and the related confirmations are to be sent, preferably by E-mail or by fax, using our coordinates below listed.

Incomplete applications we be not processed. No LC will be created and no LC number will be issued if the payment is not confirmed and the documentation is complete.

Requested documents for LC issuance

1 Loading Certificate (LC) per B/L

  • Copy of bill of lading;
  • Copy of commercial invoice;
  • Copy of sea freight invoice if the commercial invoice is FOB or Ex-Works;
  • Copy of packing list if the commercial invoice is not enough detailed;
  • Copy of DU (Documento Unico # Import Licence)
  • Copy of CNCA application form in PDF format, stamped and signed:
    •   Make sure that the application form, stamped and signed by the Exporter or by whom on his behalf (ie: Forwarding Agent), is completed in each field;
    • Make sure that the complete HS CODES, 8 digits, (Harmonized System Code) and the FOB values inserted are identical to those inserted into the DU (Documento Unico);
    • Copy of Application Form

Additional documents for used vehicles shipment:

  • Copy of purchase invoice of the used vehicle;
  • Copy of title certificate showing the first registration date;
  • Copy of the last attestation of the technical control.

Restrictions used vehicles

With reference to CNCA circulars:

  • Ref. 0328.11.01.2011 del 22/03/2011
  • Ref. 0965.11.01.2014 DEL 28/07/2014

With the entry in force of the Presidential Decree Nr. 62/14 of 12/03/2014, with the Decree Nr. 161/18 of 05/07/2018 the following is defined:

It is forbidden to import in Angola the following used vehicles:

  • Used vehicles older than 6 years from the date of first registration;
  • Used heavy vehicles older than 6 years from the date of first registration, for the
  • Exclusive use of passenger transport;
  • Used heavy vehicles older than 10 years from the date of first registration;
  • Used spare parts from used vehicles;
  • Vehicles with right side drive;
  • Used engines;
  • Used tires;
  • Used batteries.

Exception is made for imports of the following used Vehicles:

  • Used vehicles of properties or used vehicles destinated to diplomats and to International organizations accredited in Angola;
  • Used vehicles for collection or exhibition;
  • Used vehicles over 30 years, imported for cultural purposes;
  • Used vehicles donated,  with no profit, to institutions duly  accredited in Angola or acquired by inheritance;
  • Used vehicles as property of an Angolan citizen resident abroad, in   case of return to Angola (diplomatic, student or employee into the public or private sector of an Angolan company abroad);
  • Special equipment for public works, maintenance, agricultural and forestry;

The exceptions must be accompanied by the relevant certificates.For anything that is not above mentioned, refer to DecreeNr. 161/18 of 05/07/2018


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