ECTN “Electronic Cargo Tracking Note”

The Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) is a mandatory document for all shipments destined for Benin.

Each B/L covering goods destined in Benin must be follow by an ECTN for the correct completion of the formalities at destination.

The ECTN number must appear in B/L description, otherwise the ECTN shall be not be finalized.

Documents required for issuing the ECTN:

  • Copy of datated B/L;
  • Copy of detailed commercial invoice (please check if is freight value is mention as per Incoterms);
  • Copy of freight invoice if the commercial invoice presents EXW or FOB as incoterm;
  • In case of rollings / vehicles shipment please provide: vehicle registration document;
  • Copy of custom declaration;
  • Copy of certificate of origin if it is not indicated on commercial invoice;
  • Copy of packing list if commercial invoice is not detailed;

Additional information:

  • ETS/ETA of vessel with transhipment information if available;
  • Specify if freight is prepaid / collect / service / charter party;
  • Final destination of goods in Benin;
  • Goods origin;
  • Currency EUR / USD;
  • HS code 6 digit;
  • Gross weight in Mton.

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