Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons – BSC / OIC

The Bordereau  de  Suivi  des  Cargaisons (BSC) is  a  necessary  document  for  all  shipments destinated in Ivory Coast since 10/11/2005 (Notice N°1297 MEMEF/DGD).

Each B/L covering cargo destinated to Ivory Coast must be accompanied by a BSC for the correct completion of the formalities at destination.All the required documents in .PDF format and the related confirmations are to be sent, preferably by e-mail or by fax, using our coordinates below listed.

The BSC under process must be completed and submitted to validation within 10 (ten) working days from the date of the vessel departure (date B/L). This to obtain a validated BSC before the arrival of the vessel at destination and thus facilitate the importer in the various formalities.

Incomplete applications we be not processed. No LC will be created and no LC number will be issued if the payment is not confirmed and the documentation is complete.


1 Bordereau  de  Suivi  des  Cargaisons (BSC) per B/L

  • Copy of Original bill of lading;
  • Copy of commercial invoice;
  • Copy of sea freight invoice if the commercial invoice is FOB or Ex-Works;
  • Copy of packing list if the commercial invoice is not enough detailed;
  • Copy of export custom declaration;
  • Copy of Certificate of origin:
    • alternatively, if the goods are of EU origin and have a value ≤ € 10,000.00, OIC accepts thewording on the commercial invoice
      «goods of EU preferential origin». If there are used goods, it is necessary that the valued list has the word «used goods» as the EUR1 certificate is not foreseen for used goods.
  • Copy of Ivorian Insurance certificate;
  • Copy of FDI, import license;
  • Identification number of the importer’s registration into OIC system;


From the 01/07/2018 (date of arrival) the following restrictions are in force on used vehicles, as from the date of first registration abroad:

Vehicles5 years
Taxis5 years
Minibus (minicars) for civil transport with number of seats between 9 and 34.7 years
Commercial vehicles ( camionettes ) with weight ≤ 5 tons
7 years
Buses (cars) with number of seats above 34. 10 years
Trucks with weight ≥ 5 tons 10 years

The restrictions above mentioned exclude:

  • Ivorian diplomats and civil servants in the context of their consecutive move at the end of their mission abroad;
  • Ivorian citizens living abroad for professional reasons.

Personal effects and/or vehicles and/or Shipper’s owned containers will always have a specific BSC regardless the type of shipment.


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