Thanks to the experience gained in the maritime field, Frabemar Srl has been chosen by different African Shippers’ Councils to represent them.

The loading note, waiver or bsc is a document obtained to load cargo and is necessary in different African countries to effectively control, supervise and manage import and export traffic. This document has to be obtained through Frabemar srl before cargo loading at POL.

Thanks to the experience gained in different countries it represents, Frabemar Srl has been appointed Special Agent for the Ogefrem, The Shipper Council of the RD Congo in 2008. This function is to issue the Certificate pre-shipment FERI (Fiche Electronique de Renseignements à l’Importation) for all goods directed in R. D. Congo from any port of shipment. In this context, Frabemar Srl has developed a technology platform that allows the regularization of goods from all ports of embarcation and tracking of the same.

Moreover, due to a particular maritime geography of the Democratic Republic of Congo, for cargo discharged in Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa, Frabemar Srl has developed an additional technology platform for issuance of a certificate called Attestation de Destination. This administrative document permits to track cargo form port of discharge till the entrance point in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in order to allow controls in different point of the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Because of a lack of accessibility in different remote areas in Africa, Frabemar srl is able to project, develop and manage a network of satellites which guarantee the connection of various systems.Frabemar – Special Mandatory of OGEFREM in the Democratic Republic of Congo represents as well the following Shipper’s Councils: 

  • Consehlo Nacional de Carregadores – C.N.C.A. – Angola;
  • Conseil National des Utilisateurs des Transports Publics – C.N.U.T. – Niger
  • Conseil Gabonais des Chargeurs – C.G.C. – Gabon
  • Office Ivoirien des Chargeurs – O.I.C. – Costa d’Avorio
  • Conseil Malien des Chargeurs – C.M.C. – Mali

Each Shippers’ Council has its own regularization regarding the issuance of Loading Note

It is possible to download without any charges the list of documents required by the Shippers’ Councils which we represent (see the list on the left).

To obtain the issuance and selling conditions, please contact our headquarters in Genoa.