The Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) is a necessary document since 01/07/2018 and definitely in force from the 15/10/2018 for all shipments destinated in Ghana.

Each B/L covering cargo destined in Ghana, must be accompanied by a CTN for the correct completion of the formalities at destination. All the required documents in PDF format and the related confirmations are to be sent, preferably by E-mail or by fax, using our coordinates below listed.

Incomplete applications we be not processed. No CTN will be created and no CTN number will be issued if the payment is not confirmed and the documentation is complete.

Further implementation

The 36 TEU minimum requirement for Ghana is now being enforced.
If you are shipping less than 36 TEU’s to Ghana, the CTN is NOT required.
Essentially, if Customs has not written the importer in Ghana then there is no need to request the CTN. If you are shipping less than 36 TEU’s and still want the CTN then the importer must write to the Customs Commissioner’s office and request to be added the the required list.

Requested documents for CTN issuance

  • Copy of B/L dated, mentioning CTN number (in order to open the file, draft B/L is sufficient)
  • Copy of commercial invoice;
  • Copy of sea freight invoice if the commercial invoice is FOB or Ex-Works;
  • Copy of packing list;
  • Copy of export custom declaration (EXA, T1) with the indication of the values of the goods subdivided by CODE HS;

Additional information:

  • Booking N.;
  • Importer complete coordinates (full style, address, E-mail and phone n.);
  • Exporter complete coordinates (full style, address, E-mail and phone n.);
  • Applicant complete coordinates (full style, address, E-mail, phone n. and VAT n. for invoicing)

Requested documents necessary for the CTN validation

  • Copy of bill of lading reporting the CTN number.


Particularity of the process, validity and expiration fo the final Validation of the CTN

Only after the GRA has approved the suitability and conformity of the transmitted documentation, the CTN number will be generated by the IT system and made available for insertion onto the bill of lading.
The CTN must be submitted for validation no later than 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of creation of the draft. If this provision is not strictly observed, the IT system will not allow the validation and will cancel the CTN draft from the system.


1 Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) per B/L

€80,00Issuance and validation, origin Europe
€100,00Issuance and validation, other origins


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